Our Story

Sharyn and JeremyWhat makes our honey uniqueHello honey lovers!

Welcome to J. Friend and Co where we are unashamedly obsessed with honey!

We spend our days seeking out the most flavourful and complex single varietal honeys from throughout Australia. Together with a select group of artisan beekeepers we harvest, bottle and deliver a taste experience like no other!

So whether you need honey to drizzle over your favourite cheese, mix into a delicious recipe, add to your tea or simply spread on your morning toast, we have just the right honey for the task.
J. Friend and Co Australian Artisan Honey: It tastes good, it’s good for you and it’s good for the environment.

Our passion for honey and beekeeping began only four short years ago when we tried single varietal honey straight from the hive for the first time- what a revelation, it was so different from the over processed, generic honey we were used to eating - from that moment our obsession with all things honey began- our goal from the very beginning was to return life to honey and dignity to the artisan beekeeper. Our mission then and now is to produce the world’s best honey, to introduce food lovers to the complexity of vintage, single origin honey, a taste experience without equal.


Our history books state that the first evidence of beekeeping appeared in the paintings of ancient Egypt dating from around 2500 BC. In Australia, beekeeping started a few years later! In the early 1820’s the first honeybee, (Apis mellifera) was brought to Australia aboard the good ship Isabella.    The bees thrived so successfully in their new country that other bee species were soon introduced,  before long Australian beekeeping was a ‘buzzing’ business!!

Our Honey

Our honey ‘speaks’ of a particular place and time- the texture, flavour and colour are all influenced by where and when our honey was collected- like wine,  each honey varietal can have good and bad vintages and our mission is to always source only the very best honey from a particular vintage for our honey fans!

How do we select the best?

The simple answer is by eating it!-our first and most important criteria is that each honey we bottle must taste amazing- once we have narrowed down the most delicious ones then we send these off to be independently tested for purity.


Sharyn Woodnorth and Jeremy Friend